"The good life for our own children can only
be secured if it is also secured for all other children."
- Lilian Katz

Welcome To Affinity Education Group

Affinity Education Group Limited (ASX: AFJ) listed on the ASX on 9th December 2013. Incorporated in May 2013, Affinity Education Group owns and operates over 150 child care centres and manages 4 child care centres across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Through the ownership and management of its child care centres, Affinity Education Group will focus on providing the highest standard, localised education programs and care solutions for children, whilst implementing the centralised management support functions and disciplines of a corporate entity.

Affinity Education Group advocates conduct paving a moral and ethical path, speaking and acting in ways that show caring, kindness and fairness to others. As early childhood leaders we appreciate our moral obligation to act with professional integrity in all aspects of our work. Our educators see in light of each child’s positive possibilities and consciously take the time to help children feel noticed, heard and understood.




Affinity Education Strategic Vision

Affinity Area Manager and Educator Insights




We recognise and value our moral obligation to act with professional integrity as advocates on behalf of children. We strive to provide a safe, respectful and compassionate environment that recognises children as people with valuable views and interests to ensure children feel noticed, heard and understood while receiving the best possible educational program to support their emotional and social development.


We value speaking with families regarding their needs and interests through conversations that are truthful, gentle and helpful.


We believe children and educators are companions on the magnificent journey of childhood. Affinity endeavours to inspire and nurture the professionalisation of educators. We are committed to developing and empowering our staff to become leaders in the profession of early childhood education.


Core Values


Adopting effective and professional leadership, supporting and mentoring educators to be engaged, involved and empowered.


Protecting the rights of children, acting with professional integrity and understanding to all children and community.


Providing equal access to our services for all children and their parents, showing fairness and valuing each child’s uniqueness.


Communicating effectively and timely with children and families.

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ABN: 37 163 864 195
Level 14, 100 Creek Street BRISBANE QLD 4000
Telephone: 07 3513 7700

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